Jessica Jung warns fans of the dangers of following and chasing her

Jessica Jung has been troubled by her fans multiple times.

Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung posted a warning for her fans on Instagram. Pinterest

Singer and songwriter Jessica Jung has been troubled many times by her fans by blocking her way and following her. Due to troubles caused because of all such following attempts by desperate fans, the singer has recently issued a warning asking her fans not to follow her.

During her time in Taiwan, Jessica faced a lot of difficulties due to fans blocking her way multiple times. The singer went to Taiwan to attend the launch party of Dior Addict Lacquer but the troublesome behaviour of her fans annoyed her. After the event, Jessica posted a warning on her Instagram account on February 17. The troubled singer also expressed her concern on Twitter hoping that fans would understand her problem and would be cautious and will not follow her in future.

In the Instagram page, she warned her fans of the dangerous repercussions of following and chasing her car. As reported by Koreaboo, she stated: "Please don't follow my car. It is extremely dangerous for all of us. I'm pretty sure I made myself clear the first time I got off and talked to you guys in a respectful way. Giving each and every one you a handshake. Yet I was ignored. I feel your love, and I also love you guys dearly. But if you make me feel safe, I will be back more often for sure."

Jessica however has history of fans chasing and following her. She had also shared a shocking story when her male fan tried blocking her way to her apartment's main entrance on an episode of 'Strong Heart'.

This article was first published on February 19, 2017