Jesse Jackson Health Update: Rights Advocate in Hospital With Covid-19

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline have been tested positive for Covid-19. Jackson and Jacqueline have been hospitalized and are currently undergoing treatment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Rainbow Push Coalition shared the news about the reverend's health.

Jesse Jackson And His Wife Are Hospitalized For COVID-19
Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline

The organization has confirmed that Jackson was duly vaccinated with his first dose in January against the novel coronavirus infection. The leader also insisted the people receive their covid jabs as soon as possible during a public event at a South Side hospital.

Jonathan Jackson, son of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Jacqueline, has stated that the doctors are continuously monitoring their health condition, however, there were no further updates on the same.

"There are no further updates at this time. We will provide updates as they become available.", Jonathan said in a statement.

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Who is Jesse Jackson?

Jesse Jackson is a famed civil rights leader, who was also a sincere disciple of the Rev. Martin Luther King. He had previously been nominated for the U.S. presidential candidate twice.

Born in the racially separated south, Jackson was an eyewitness to the murder of Martin Luther King. He has lead several modern civil rights movements on various issues.

Jackson, along with his organization Rainbow PUSH, has fought for the rights of the Black community in America. During the surge of Covid-19 in America, Jackson had appealed to Donald Trump, Former President of America, to prioritize coronavirus testing for the people in the U.S. prison and provide fair and adequate vaccination slots to the black people.

In 2017, Jackson was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a chronic neurological disorder. He spent three weeks of exercise and therapy in a rehabilitation center. He has been seeking care for Parkinson's disease for over five years.

Later this year, in February, he was hospitalized with abdominal discomfort and underwent successful gallbladder surgery.

Despite deteriorating health conditions, Jackson had always been active in advocating for the rights of his community and supporting the frontline workers and the high-risk groups during the pandemic.

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