Jeon Hye Bin reveals how she and Lee Joon gi became lovers

Jeon Hye-bin thought she was too tomboyish for her current boyfriend.

Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Joon-gi
Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin.

Actors Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Joon-gi have always been private about their relationship, which began on the sets of 2014 KBS drama 'Gunman in Joseon.' This April 4, their agency, Namoo Actors confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship since early 2016.

Jeon Hye-bin has revealed how the two co-stars evolved their relationship from being friends to lovers.

Allkpop notes that Jeon Hye-bin, who has guest starred in 'Running Man,' appeared in the April 27 broadcast of 'Happy Together 3' where she was asked to talk about her relationship with boyfriend Lee Joon-gi. She became a bit shy and was initially trying to smartly bypass the question but ultimately spoke about him.

"In the beginning, I honestly thought I wasn't right for him since I had a rather tomboyish and jolly personality. Since we were friends for a long time, I didn't expect it to turn out this way," she said.

Jeon Hye-bin's fans know the actress isn't just a pretty face; she likes to stay fit and even take part in runs. That doesn't mean she can't find love and she has.

"At first I just thought of him as a generous sunbae who looked after his fellow juniors and was a well-mannered person. But the more I confronted him, I realized that he was a good person. After that, we kept bumping into each other, and he just started leaving many comments on my social media page. So we gradually became lovers," she recalled the progress of their relationship.

On April 4, Namoo Actors released a statement which read, "Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin met as colleagues through a drama in 2014, and when the first dating rumor report was released, they were good friends at the time. However, the two progressed into a dating relationship sometime during the beginning of 2016."

The agency added, "They had a lot of similarities as friends and became interested in each other, but they spent a long time confirming those feelings, which is why they are carefully dating. Please look upon these two actors fondly as they continue their activities."

Lee Joon-gi apologized to everyone for keeping their relationship secret for such a long time and wrote on his fan page, "My heart feels very heavy just thinking about everyone's shocking and confused state. Though it is a bit late, I would like to present my true feelings" and added "I had felt a different emotion after meeting with her on the drama set and I needed some time to straighten out my thoughts. That friend was someone who understood and comforted me a lot who happened to be a bright and warm person."

Website Dispatch had also released many photos of Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin out on dates, after the relationship was publicly acknowledged. Anyhow, despite Hye-bin's earlier reservations, the two definitely look good together.

This article was first published on April 28, 2017