Jennifer Lopez and Maluma's Sexy Music Videos 'PaTi' and 'Lonely' Grab Million Views on YouTube

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are all set to romance in the upcoming movie "Marry Me" next year. The duo has just released their two-part music videos titled "Pa Ti + Lonely", which has already garnered much attention from fans worldwide with nearly a million likes and views on YouTube as well as on other music streaming platforms. The 2019 Superbowl half-time show star is seen playing a glamourous character while rocking sizzling outfits and flaunting her off-the-chart abs in the new music videos with Maluma.

Reportedly, the music video that debuted on TikTok Thursday has a very unexpected twist to it as it transitions from Pa'Ti to Lonely. The music video directed by Jessy Terrero depicts a story of a billionaire woman (under investigation) portrayed by JLo, who falls in love with a man played by Maluma, appearing to be her security guard cum driver at first.

As the video progresses, both get closer to each other end up in bed together. Their steamy dance moves and unusual romance makes the music video irresistible.

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma
Jennifer Lopez and Maluma's New Music Videos Are Out

However, it looks like they weren't meant to be together despite the attraction and love they had for one another. In the chorus, both sing, "I don't care that you feel lonely/ I'm better off without you, I'm sorry/ Who is going to treat you like I did/ You hurt my ego by not knowing how to love."

Jennifer Lopez, Maluma's Steamy Performance in Sexy Music Video

Towards the end of the music video, Maluma finds Lopez at a bar in Abu Dhabi two months later, but JLo's character walks away from him with a smile ending the video song. Lopez and Maluma are positive about their collaboration and they think the way the two tracks worked together is amazing, according to reports.

Watch: Pa'ti+Lonely Full Music Video

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