Jeff Bezos Doesn't Want to Die? Amazon Founder Invests in Start-Up Conducting Immortality research

After successfully completing his voyage to space and investing in many start-up companies, American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is ready to take on the grim reaper and cheat death. The founder of Amazon is reportedly funding immortality research. Space enthusiast Bezos has extended his financial support to an ambitious new anti-aging company known as Altos Labs, which is working on biological reprogramming technology.

According to some experts, this new research could eventually revitalize entire animal bodies prolonging human life on earth. A report by MIT Tech review suggests that the company researching the ways to reverse aging by reprogramming human cells has also received funding from Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner and his wife Julia.

Bezos, 57, who created history with his short space trip in July the same month he resigned as CEO of Amazon, said he would spend more time on philanthropy and passion projects this year, just like his space company Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos Doesn't Want To Die

Amazon's ex-CEO has earlier invested in several companies and industries that work on biotechnology, agriculture technology, educational technology, financial technology among a few.

When did the 'Immortality' project start?

Altos was incorporated in the US and in the UK in the spring of 2021. The company is currently recruiting a large cadre of university scientists by offering them lavish salaries to carry out research on how to reverse the aging of cells.

Who are the scientists working on the project?

Reportedly, Spanish biologist Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, who is known for his research in mixing human and monkey embryos, will be joining the company.

Another professor Steve Horvath, a developer of a so-called 'biological clock' that can actually measure human aging is also set to join the team of researchers.

A joint Novel Prize winner for the discovery of reprogramming, Shinya Yamanaka, will join the team as the chairman of the company's scientific advisory board.

Jeff Bezos' Investments

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos has also invested in Unity Biotechnology, a start-up working to halt or reverse diseases of aging, according to the New York Post.

The American business tycoon has also promised to give away $203.7 million by the end of the year as part of the Bezos Earth Fund. He has also committed $10 billion to fight climate change, which he started last year, according to reports.

Companies Researching on How to Extend Life

Meanwhile, Altos is not the only company looking into extending human life on Earth. Another company called Calico Labs is also trying to find a solution to prolonging human life.