JBJ95 Wages Legal War Against Star Entertainment

JBJ95 has waged a war against its agency, Star Entertainment, asking the company to terminate the contract. The issue has arisen between the two parties over financial and other management issues.

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Problems Aplenty
The two-member group comprising of Kenta Takada and Kim Sang-gyun has listed out several issues that it faced from the agency in the lawsuit. JBJ95 complains that the company has not been providing a manager for the events, thereby forcing the artists to find an outside manager on their own.

Further, JBJ95 alleges that expenses for the stylists and make-up artists too are not provided by the agency and the members are paying it from their own pockets. The duo brings issues pertaining to the company struggling to pay wages to its employees and fees to the concert organisers.

For three months, Star Entertainment has been telling the group of producing YouTube and TikTok content, but there are no signs of it, yet, the duo claims. If it is not enough, Kenta Takada and Kim Sang-gyun add that the company is not transparent in financial issues.

So, the boy group has demanded compensation for the losses from Star Entertainment.

Star Entertainment's Response
The agency has denied the allegations made by JBJ95. "While they didn't have their own specific manager in charge of them, there was always a manager in the agency, and actually, because of the employees leaving the company, executives even stepped forward to manage JBJ95's schedule." Koreaboo quotes the company as saying in a press release.

The agency counter-attacks by stating that the members refused the service of the hair and makeup staff hired by the company.

The Star Entertainment added, "In regard to mentioning compensation for damages and penalties, it was something that was mentioned between our legal representatives after we received the certification of contents [requesting contract termination] from the JBJ95 members, in the process of sending evidence that proved their claims false."

The agency adds that it had planned events for the duo, but they have rejected the proposals.

This article was first published on April 14, 2021