Actress Jameela Jamil slammed a troller who criticised her for "shaming other women" with her recent plastic surgery comment. The actress hitting back by saying "mollycoddling" other women "isn't feminism".

The online spat began when Jamil retweeted a clip of herself talking to Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" back in September. "Your photoshopped, surgically enhanced flat tummy, f**k off," she captioned the video.

Vocal about diet fads

In the video, Jamil was discussing the changes social media companies have put in place to protect under 18s from seeing advertising for weight-loss products. There was a point when Noah said "You've been very vocal about the people who advertise tummy teas. All those super diet fads".

Jameela Jamil
Twitter / Jameela Jamil

To which, Jamil responded: "The laxatives. They're just laxatives, that's it. You just s**t fire. And then you don't s**t again for several days afterwards. And then you need more, and it's just bad. Sexy, but bad."

Noah said: "But I've seen the people with the flat tummy when they do it. They'll have the tea and go like: 'Look at my tummy!' and they have the tea." Jamil interrupted him, and said: "Yeah, their photoshopped, surgically enhanced tummy... f**k off."

Accused of shaming other women

In the comments of the video she had shared, there was one follower who said: "I love when feminists shame other women. It's the best." To which, Jamil hit back.

"So women should get away with everything because they're women? With lying to women? With selling dangerous products to women? To making women feel bad about themselves? Men criticise other bad men all the time and aren't accused of being anti-male. Mollycoddling isn't feminism," she said.