Jake Gardner Had Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iraq

Jake Gardner Who Committed Suicide Had Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iraq

Jake Gardner, who was indicted in connection with shooting to death of a young black protestor James Scurlock on May 30, has died after committing suicide. His lawyer Stu Dornan on Sunday shared the news of the 38-year-old's suicidal death.

Moreover, Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon in a statement revealed that the Black protester killer was found dead outside a medical clinic at about 12:20 PM. Police in a press release stated that they are investigating the cause of death but officers are not seeking any suspects and that the community is out of any danger.

Jake Gardner, who happens to own a bar was indicted by a Douglas County grand jury last week on charges that originated due to the fatal shooting of James Scurlock in Omaha on May 30.

Reportedly, Dorman also said that he got the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Gardner before his return and that he was really shaken due to the indictment. He said, "The grand jury indictment was a shock to him, it was a shock to us, it was a shock to many people."

Jake Gardner
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According to CNN, Douglas County lawyer Don Kleine previously said that the video of May 30 incident shows clash between protesters outside an Ohama bar while two among the demonstrators jumps on Gardner's back as he then blank fires with his gun to warn them. Kleine said that Jake Gardner wasn't initially involved in the scuffle, however, Scurlock then attacked him by putting him in a headlock when Jake Gardner shot him to death trying to defend himself.

According to Omaha World-Herald, the grand jury repudiated Gardner's claim and was charged with manslaughter, weapon use, making terrorist threats and of attempting first-degree assault. Gardner's had earlier suffered two traumatic brain injuries during his military tours in Iraq, according to Gardner's lawyers, the outlet reported.