Jacqueline Guzman: LI Woman with Same Name as Actress Fired for Rant Against Slain NYPD Cop Faces Harassment

'I am not the Jacqueline Guzman in that awful video,' the Long Island woman said.

A New York City actress, Jacqueline Guzman was fired for going on a rant against the slain cop, Jason Riviera as the city gathered at St. Patrick for his funeral. The actress was let go from her theater company after she blasted off about the inconvenience caused by the funeral.

Now, a Long Island woman with the same name has come forward alleging that she has been receiving multiple threats and harassment by people confusing her with the actress of the same name. The woman uploaded a tearful video on TikTok clarifying the confusion.

NYPD rookie cop, Jason Riviera, 22, and his partner, officer Wilbert Mora, 27 were killed while responding to a domestic violence call at an apartment in Harlem on January 21.

(R)Jacqueline Guzman (actress) and Jacqueline Michelle Guzman (Business owner)
(R)Jacqueline Guzman (actress) and Jacqueline Michelle Guzman (Business owner) Screen grab - Twitter and Instagram

Who is Jacqueline Michelle Guzman?

"My name is Jacqueline Michelle Guzman. I am a 25-year-old gymnastics coach and a business owner," the woman said in her video. Jacqueline Michelle Guzman is a home-based chocolate vendor and owner of Sister Sweets. She uploaded the video on her business' Facebook and Instagram page, GreaterLongIsland.com reported.

A resident of Huntington in Suffolk County, Jacqueline Michelle Guzman noted that she made the video to clarify that she is 'not the actress Jacqueline Guzman in that awful video.' "I have been receiving multiple calls and messages and many threats. Please stop targeting me and attacking me. I personally cannot handle it," she added.

'We find it despicable'

The LI woman runs the business with her sister. The Guzman sisters also posted a message on Instagram to clear their stance on the matter. "To be clear that is not either of us, nor are we affiliated with that post. We support all law enforcement in our community. We do not align with her messaging, we find it despicable," the post read.

"We do not need to shut down most of Lower Manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. They kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don't shut down the city for them," the actress, Jacqueline Guzman had said in her viral video, which led to losing her job.