Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer: MAFS Villains Sex Tape Gets Leaked; Miscreant Sends Copy to Lonie's Mother

A sex tape curated by Jackson Lonie and his lover Olivia Frazer, the villains in 'Married At First Sight', has surfaced on social media. The couple's OnlyFans sex tape was also sent to Lonie's mother.

The reality stars who appeared on the Australian show earlier this year decided to stay together after being married on the show.

Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer
Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer Twitter

Video Taken from Lonie's OnlyFans Account

The couple, who had earlier slammed reality TV star Domenica Calarco, had created a lot of buzz after their joined OnlyFans. Expressing disgust at the leak and a copy being sent to her mother, Lonie said that it made her very upset.

"People thought it was OK to send our videos to my mom ... which is f—ing disgusting," he told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

"And if you're the type of person who sends that to somebody, you need to take a good, hard look at yourself. The amount of sh-t that Liv and I have copped, I understand that we've put ourselves in a position where we'll get a bit of heat, but then you get people who think it's OK to (get) our families involved? That's not OK. Don't send one of my OnlyFans videos to my mom," he went on to add.

Lonie, who works as a plumber, was caught kissing a 20-year-old woman in a Melbourne nightclub in May, this year. Following the cheating scandal, Lonie posted a video on the couple's joint Instagram account, dubbing themselves as "fu**ed up."

Leak Was Predicted

After the couple sent shockwaves through their fanbase following their association with the adult content website, Australia's top OnlyFans content creator, Lucy Banks had predicted a leak.

Claiming that Frazer, who is presently staying in the U.K, was "responsible for a lot of the backlash" received by the website, Banks said that couple were not the first or last ex-MAFS stars to join OnlyFans, but they might just be the most unwelcome, judging by the reaction of existing OnlyFans creators.

"Olivia's responsible for a lot of the backlash we receive, and now she's joining the platform. We all have an Olivia in our lives," Banks had told news.com.au in June. Predicting a possible leak, Banks went on to add, " A lot of people would be signing up just to have that content so they can do the same thing to (Olivia) — which is not OK and I hope it doesn't happen — but unfortunately she's put herself in a position where she's putting those images out and a lot of people don't like her."