Jack Black makes TikTok debut; posts a 'Quarantine dance' wearing just shorts [VIDEO]

Celebrities around the world are taking to social media to keep fans entertained during coronavirus lockdown

Jumanji star Jack Black is the latest celebrity to join the TikTok bandwagon and entertain his fans across the globe. The Hollywood actor made a hilarious 30-second dance video dressed in cowboy hat and boots, and shorts.

Ever since the world was placed under lockdown due to coronavirus, a lot of celebrities have taken to social media to keep their fans and followers entertained.

Jack Black rocks with his hip 'Quarantine Dance'

Jack Black
Jack Black/ Instagram

In the hilarious clip, Black keeps on dancing by performing a series of actions including lifting his legs high in the air, spinning, flapping arms, running towards and away from the camera, and jumping. At one point during the performance, the hat fell off the actor's head.

The video was shot at the actor's Los Angeles based house. The clip has received over 295,000 likes within hours of being posted. "And they say the perfect TikTok doesn't exist," commented a user. "A new dance trend is born," said another. The actor has also managed to get over 393,000 followers since he made his debut on TikTok. Black captioned the post Quarantine Dance, using the hashtags #reallifeathome #distancedance #happyathome #boredathome.

Instagram too, falls in love with Jack Black's move

The same video posted on Instagram went viral with over 2.1 million likes and 271,000 comments within few hours of being uploaded.

"Holy no. Just perfection. Nailed it. I didn't even see the hat come off.," Jimmy Fallon commented on the post on Instagram. , "Literally just spent the last 10 minutes watching this on a loop. That's like a solid 4 or 5 non-quarantine minutes," wrote Justin Long. "Can't touch this" -MC Hammer," wrote another follower. "That hat spill adjustment was flawless. 10/10 ♥️" mentioned Nick Swardson.

Few days ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted a picture of him playing chess with his mini-pony donkey Lulu. "Here's your daily Lulu update - she's not the best chess partner but she's getting there. If you've been putting off something like learning chess with your family, use the time you'd normally be out and about," he tweeted.

Last week, Courtney Cox too, posted a video while performing duets with her 15-year-old daughter Coco. The post had reached 4.4 million views.

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