Ivana Williams: Mississippi State Trooper Fired for Filming Sexual Encounter With Another Woman and Sending the Explicit Video to Colleagues

Williams has since filed a countersuit, arguing that the alleged victim harmed her reputation and business relationships by claiming she was assaulted.

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A Mississippi state trooper was fired for reportedly filming a sexual encounter with another woman and sharing the video with other highway patrol officers, according to a report. Trooper Ivana Williams was fired in February after being accused of sending explicit photos of herself to multiple senior officers and accessing adult websites on her state-issued phone.

The sex-mad Williams, 36, also faced allegations of sharing the explicit video featuring the other woman, who has now filed a civil lawsuit against her, as reported by WLBT. The bombshell petition claims that Williams sexually assaulted the unnamed woman, recorded the sex romp incident on video, and shared the clip with other troopers.

Sex Crazy Trooper in Trouble

Ivana Williams
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"At this point, I have no idea the exact number of people who have this video," the unnamed victim mentioned in the complaint. "Based on what I've been told, a lot of our law enforcement community have it. MHP heads and officers are sharing it."

Master Sergeant Julius Hutson and Master Sergeant Jeremy Lott were also fired for their involvement, as they allegedly requested nude photos from Williams, violating the code of conduct.

Ivana Williams
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The scandal has resurfaced in the news after it was revealed this week that Hutson has been hired as a sheriff's deputy in Rankin County, according to an exclusive report by WLBT.

"From my understanding and our background investigation, it was a policy violation from [the Mississippi Highway Patrol] and there were no accusations of criminal activity of any kind," Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey told the outlet.

Hutson admitted to state investigators that he was "90 percent" sure he was Williams' supervisor but still asked for the explicit photos.

Both men have argued in their appeals to the state that they received the photos while off duty and have requested that their terminations be reversed.

Counter Attack

Williams has since filed a countersuit, arguing that the alleged victim harmed her reputation and business relationships by claiming she was assaulted.

Ivana Williams
Ivana Williams Facebook

The other woman also alleges that she was promised the clip would be deleted, while Williams claims that her firing was not only in retaliation for complaining about a reassignment but also an act of discrimination because she is a woman.

In her appeal, she contended that male officers have engaged in similar behavior and claimed that the decision breaches rules intended to protect state employees.

"Much of that night is a blur,' the unidentified victim writes in the lawsuit. I became unusually and extremely intoxicated."

Ivana Williams
Ivana Williams Facebook

"The next morning I woke up in bed without my clothes on... I was aware a sexual encounter had taken place but had difficulty remembering any of what happened."

The petition states that during the questioning of the trooper about the incident, it was disclosed to the petitioner that Williams had filmed the sexual encounter on her phone without the petitioner's knowledge or consent.

The petitioner then insisted that the trooper delete the video and not share it with anyone, but the trooper had allegedly already shared it with other officers.

The petitioner heard nothing more about the video until May of last year, when Williams told her that the wife of her then-boyfriend had found the video on her husband's phone or email.

Over the next few months, the alleged victim discovered that the video had been circulated multiple times and that many people had it in their possession.

Others had at least seen the video, and the trooper was reportedly still sharing it.

At that point, the alleged victim said that she lodged complaints with the Mississippi Attorney General's office and local authorities but remains unaware of the status of any potential investigations.

The former trooper has maintained that the encounter was consensual and that she only shared the video with one other person.

The woman filing the complaint is reportedly representing herself in the proceedings after two of her attorneys withdrew.

Ivana Williams
Ivana Williams Facebook

Williams, who has over ten thousand followers on social media, insists she is innocent and claims her termination for sharing the video was retaliatory, a response to her filing a grievance with the Department of Public Safety in January.

After Williams was mentioned in the woman's lawsuit, she was transferred from Rankin County to Bolivar County, a move she claimed was made without explanation.

In her January appeal, she argued that the transfer placed her more than 100 miles away from her children. She was terminated six days later.