Itzy Lia's School Bullying Controversy: The Alleged Victim Claims JYP Director Contacted Her in New Post

The alleged victim of Itzy's Lia's school bullying has come up with a new claim that she wanted nothing but an apology from the idol while accusing the director of JYP Entertainment of trying to contact her.

Itzy Lia’s School Bullying Allegations
Itzy's Lia. Lia Instagram

In her latest post reportedly shared on Daum café, the alleged victim has taken responsibility for previous posts in which she had made allegations about Lia's school violence. The harassed is upset with the way the harasser is being promoted by her agency which has forced her to write the latest post.

The Alleged Victim's New Allegations
According to the alleged victim, the cops had asked her to collect as many proofs as possible to prove her claims. She claims that it was difficult for her to recall the incidents, so she had told the police, after the investigation, that she just needs an apology.

"Then last month, another friend contacted me and told me that ITZY's manager had contacted friends who graduated from Shinsong middle school to see how Lia was like back then. On June 18, a detective contacted friend A and told them that Lia's lawyer would like to meet with both of us. We didn't want to act hastily so we said that we wanted to receive an apology directly from Lia." Koreaboo quotes her as writing.

She then accuses the director of JYP Entertainment of asking her to meet him in person. The statement adds, "Then on June 21, we received a business card from the director of JYP's Artist Division 2 through the detective in charge. On July 2, I took the courage to call the number through caller ID restrictions and recorded the call. I asked them why they wanted meet now but they avoided the answer and wanted to meet in person to talk. I told them that if it's not receiving an apology in person from Lia then I didn't want to meet them. They said that they would consider it as much as they could and only suggested that we meet in person to talk first."

The controversy broke out in February when the allegations of school bullying were shared by victims. Itzy Lia's agency had denied all the rumours and took legal action against those who made allegations on social media.