ITZY Lia's Former Classmate Cleared of Defamation Charges; Was KPOP Star a Bully? JYPE Reacts

A girl claiming to be ITZY member Lia's former classmate in middle school had accused the singer of bullying her. JYP Entertainment had filed a defamation case against the girl.

Former classmate of ITZY's Lia, who had levelled allegations against the KPop star that she had bullied her in middle school, has been cleared of defamation charges. Lia's agency JYP Entertainment had booked the singer's former classmate on defamation charges following allegations of bullying. Here is what JYP Entertainment has to say after she was cleared of defamation charges.

"We have seen the outcome through press reports and are figuring out the progress of the situation. However, it is difficult to accept the outcome as is. We will decide our response once we have figured out the progress more thoroughly," stated JYP Entertainment.

South Korean girl band ITZY member Lia. Instagram

The Controversial post

Lia's name was dragged out in the public, when a netizen claiming to be her former classmate in middle school put out a post on social media on February 24, 2021. The post was titled: "Victim of school violence perpetrated by famous female idol born in 2000." She had written in her post that the perpetrator (referring to Lia) used to verbally abuse her and borrowed her money and never returned it back. She had claimed that being bullied by the perpetrator had made her an outcast in the class.

When Lia's name started trending on social media with regard to these claims, JYP Entertainment issued a statement and denied the allegations on February 25. "This is a case in which we sued the writer of the post last year for defamation by spreading false rumors. We inform you that the investigation on this case is ongoing and that we are awaiting the results according to formal legal procedures," stated JYP Entertainment.

"This matter is completely false, and we relay our plans to push further charges regarding the matter and also take strong legal action against any deeds that defame our artists and cause disruption to their promotions through such things like malicious comments and spreading false rumors," the statement read further.

Cops' Conclusion

But now, cops have completed investigations in the case. Incheon Yeonsu Police Station on June 13 stated that Lia's former classmate was cleared of defamation charges. It further stated that after the probe, cops came to a conclusion that the post was just an expression of the things the writer of the post experienced and they didn't see it as an attempt to slander ITZY's Lia. Cops also said that there was not enough evidence to prove that claims in the post were false.

Quoting a source from the police, Soompi reported: "Overall, considering the circumstances surrounding how A [Lia's former classmate] uploaded the post on an online community as well as the contents of the post, it was judged that the suspicions of defamation were not valid."

A report in Yonhap News mentioned the statement of the girl who had made bullying allegations against Lia. She is said to have told: "I still have a hard time mentally when I think about those days. I am hoping for a genuine apology." But JYP has yet again denied the bullying claims and said that they will be back with a response after looking into the issue carefully.

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