Italy may extend the Coronavirus lockdown for another month

Decrease in figures required million of euros and thousands of retired doctors to return

The European nation Italy which is the third worse affected country due to coronavirus reported its first drop in the number of cases on Saturday. There are chances that officials may extend the general lockdown to maintain the current victory. World Health Organization Director Tedros emphasis that lifting up the lockdown might risk a resurgence of the virus.

Instead of reopening the schools and business, he suggested some action that authorities needed to be prepared with before lifting the restrictions. Those are:

Figures started decreasing for the first time


There have been 124,632 cases confirmed and more than 15,000 people have died due to the pandemic in the country so far. Italy recorded 4,068 new cases on Friday whereas it recorded 3,994 new cases on Saturday.

Angelo Borrelli chief of Civil Protection Services said that it is a big moment for Italy in the battle against COVID-19. It is important data because figures are decreasing for the first time since it started soaring, he said. The lockdown that started on March 9, said to have economically crippled the country but saved the health care system from collapsing.

It required thousands of retired doctors and millions of euros were spent to take care of patients in emergency wards of Italy. Still few hospitals had to transfer critical patients to comparatively less overwhelmed hospitals for the treatment. In hardest-hit areas, it became very difficult for doctors to make a choice about whom to save and whom to send back. Their life and death decisions and their efforts started to show results on Saturday.

Victory is still not declared

Domenico Arcuri informed coronavirus emergency commissioner of Italy. "Our fight against this unknown and invisible enemy continues unabated," Arcuri said. Borrelli stressed that the numbers are constantly decreasing while reminding the country reported its 1000th death on March 27.

Victory is still not yet declared as officials are preparing for another one month of general lockdown to maintain the current situation. "There has been drop in patients who need critical care but it should not be read as we have overcome the critical stage," said Franco Locatelli, head of govt scientific council. It means that the measures that were taken are showing positive results.

Rules are getting, even more, tighten in Milan's north Lombardy region. The place has been under lockdown since late February. Authorities have made it compulsory for every resident to wear facemask starting from Sunday. Stores in the region have been asked to provide disposable plastic gloves to its customers.

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