Indian man gives first hand information on the situations in Italy
Indian man gives first hand information on the situations in Italy Maala Parvaty/Facebook

In the wake of the Coronavirus scare, many countries have already imposed a mandatory lockdown and even closed the land borders in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. Of late, many videos and audio clips of Indian citizens residing in the highly infected countries like China and Italy, giving first-hand information about the real situation, have surfaced online.

In most of these viral videos, people are seen requesting others to strictly follow the instructions of the government and health authorities to stop the drastic increase of more and more Coronavirus cases. Many come forward warning the people in India saying that the situations will go wild if the matter is not taken seriously in the initial stage itself, being an over-crowded developing country with not enough facilities.

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Manoj, an Indian citizen from Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala settled in Milan, Italy, has shared his experiences on the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. "The people in Italy didn't follow the government's requests initially and continued their usual lifestyle, and now the entire nation is suffering because of that," he says. So far, 6,077 people have died, while there are 50,418 active cases in Italy alone.

Here is the translated text of his viral video message:

Watch the video here: