Israeli Study Shows Booster Shots Give Improved Immunity Against Delta Variant

According to a recent study by Maccabi Health Services, Israel's second-largest healthcare provider, a booster shot of Pfizer Inc's Covid-19 vaccine has shown more significant effects against illness among the high-risk groups than the two doses of the same vaccine.

According to reports, Israel has been battling with the novel delta variant of covid-19 since June and is peaking with the highest infection rates, even after fully vaccinating the majority of its population.


Effects of Booster Shots

After many countries including U.S., Germany and France announced booster shots for their citizens, Israel has also recommended a third dose of Pfizer to people aged 60 and above, who are more prone to delta variant and are likely to get infected faster. The booster shot has shown more improved immunity and protection from serious illness among these high-risk groups, than the two doses received earlier, according to the data from Israel.

As per the findings published by Israel's health ministry, the third dose of vaccine provided four times higher protection and immunity among the elderly than the first two doses of covid vaccine, whose efficacy tends to wane after the initial few months. Reports revealed that the risk of infection after the extra shot is reduced by 86%-92%.

As per reports, the elderly, who are above 60 and more vulnerable to covid-19 infection, were the first to get vaccinated in Israel in the vaccination drive that began in December.

The findings were presented before the vaccination experts in a ministry meeting and later uploaded on their website on Sunday.

 3rd COVID-19 shot
FDA is planning to amend clearances as soon as Thursday for Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to allow extra doses for people with compromised immune systems Twitter

The ministry stated that the immunity among the high-risk groups has repeatedly diminished over time and more vaccinated people were falling ill with severe health conditions.

According to previous research by Maccabi Health Services to study the effect of booster shots to control the impact of delta variant, similar findings were identified but with different statistics. A recent study on Pfizer and Moderna Inc vaccines by U.S. health researchers has also suggested booster shots for better protection.

With the Delta infections surging in highly vaccinated countries, Israel has now ordered a third dose of covid vaccine to the vulnerable group, including pregnant women, teachers, and health workers to curb the disease and provide long-lasting protection from the virus.