iPhone X price in 6 Asian countries, find out which is cheapest

iPhone X costs $999 in the US market and the Asian countries are paying much more for the device

iphone x

Apple launched its mega flagship 10th-anniversary iPhone on Tuesday and it sure did grab the eye-balls for several reasons, be it the Face ID technology or the 3D, animated Animoji. But what ticked the most was the jaw-dropping price tag of the iPhone X. Although several rumours and leaks had already suggested the price of iPhone X, we were all secretly hoping that the tech giant wouldn't set the price so high. Unfortunately, our prayers were not answered. So how big a whole is it going to burn in the pockets of the Asian buyers? Rean below:

The entry-level 64 GB iPhone X variant costs US$999 (S$1,345) in its home market, the United States, making it the most expensive iPhone that has ever come out of Apple's stable and customers at many Asian markets were literally shocked to see the local price.

While some consumers called the pricing "crazy," some went on to say that the phone isn't really worth such a huge amount of money, reported Channel News Asia.

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Now, if you are wondering which market did the iPhone X hit the hardest in Asia; let me tell you it's none other than India.

Here is the price (in Singapore dollar) of the iPhone X in various Asian markets, as reported by Channel News Asia:

  • India: S$1,868
  • China: S$1,724
  • Singapore: S$1,648
  • Taiwan: S$1,608
  • Hong Kong: S$1,480
  • Japan: S$1,375

Just to note the point, if you go for an entry-level MacBook Pro 13-inch model, it is going to cost you S$1,299 in Singapore and you will still have some cash in hand to spend on something else.

This article was first published on September 16, 2017