iPhone user? Beware of this new phishing scam

A new phishing scam is reportedly targeting iPhone device owners.

If you are an iPhone user, chances are, you have received a phishing message coming from a source under the cover of a legitimate organisation. According to reports, the new modus is targeting your Apple ID.

Some iPhone and iPad owners have reportedly fallen victim to a phishing scam where an iMessage or SMS will be sent informing the receiver that their Apple ID has expired. Along with the message is a link on how to fix it. In fear of losing Apple services and apps, a number of individuals have proceeded with the process to update their accounts.

What to do

If you have given any personal information such as email, username and password, the best thing you can do is to change them immediately. If you have given your address, there is no way you can change it. For bank details, it is better to contact the financial institution to avoid further damage.

How to report phishing scams

To prevent this kind of illicit activities to victimise more users, the best way to help is by reporting phishing scams to Apple's customer service immediately. Once receiving the aforementioned message, take a screenshot of the message and send it to imessae.spam@apple.com.

For messages sent via SMS, you can either send it to Apple's helpline or mobile carriers. Customers under carriers Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Bell can forward the dubious message to 7726 (SPAM) for free.

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