iPhone 8 leaked Smart Connector feature
iPhone 8 to get Smart Connector for Wireless Charging and AR/VR accessories The Verified

iPhone 8 has long been rumoured to feature the Smart Connector for wireless charging, ever since Apple dropped the 3.5mm audio jack on its flagship phones. It is believed that the idea could have originated from its debut with the 12.9in iPad Pro, besides increasing demand for the wireless charging feature among smartphone buyers across the globe.

Fresh rumours about Apple's forthcoming flagship phone signal the arrival of Smart Connector for inductive wireless charging with support for accessories tied to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The Verifier reports that the new Smart Connector would incorporate the same wireless charging mechanism as in the Apple Watch. However, there is no word on its use with specific accessories or how it would be integrated with AR/VR technology.

There is a hint of new Apple TV hardware and AirPlay updates entering the world of AR/VR in the future, but the details are not known. Moving on to the futuristic features of iOS, group FaceTime calls is touted to debut with iOS 11 release.