iPhone 7 screen affected with yellow tint: How to fix

A simple guide to fix yellow tint issue with iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Yellow tint issue
iPhone 7 screen affected with yellow tint: How to fix letemsvetemapplem.eu

Several iPhone 7 users have been complaining about the persistent yellow-tint issue with the phone's display following its recent launch into the global market. There is no word on the root cause of this issue, although speculation points to some bonding issue with the device's screen.

A similar incident was reported with the iPhone 4 that launched in 2010, when several units were reportedly affected with the yellow tint due to the delay in bonding process of residual adhesive that holds the screen together. It was later learnt that the tinting on screen had disappeared, as the yellow spots eventually faded away with the evaporation of residual adhesive.

If the past is any indication, affected users may wait until the glue dries up and the yellow tint should disappear. However, if the tint does not fade away, here is a workaround to fix the issue:

  • Launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Accessibility.
  • Now tap on Display Accommodations, choose Color Filters and toggle it on.
  • Go to the Filter list and select Color Tint and move the hue-slider back to reduce the yellow tint or the colour intensity on the screen.
  • Do not move the slider to the colder spectrum of the hue as it will lead to a blue tint on the screen.
  • If all else fails, just take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Service Provider or Apple Store outlet for a whole-unit repair or replacement.

[Source: OSXDaily]

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