iPhone 7
iPhone 7 scores worst battery-life performance among flagship smartphones

'Which?', the UK-based consumer-testing organisation has recently conducted a comprehensive battery-life test for all the existing flagship smartphones including the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, LG G5 and HTC 10. The test results conclude that Apple's newest flagship phone pales out in comparison to its rival counterparts from Samsung, LG and HTC, when making simulated calls or browsing the web.

The iPhone 7 reportedly yielded 712 minutes of 3G talk-time while HTC 10 lasted a whopping 1859 minutes. The LG G5 with 1759 minutes and Galaxy S7 with 1492 minutes did finish the call-simulation test in second and third position respectively.

The test report further adds that the flagship iPhone fared relatively better in the 3G web-browsing test with 615 minutes of battery life, which is just 25 minutes shorter than the LG G5 and 62 minutes less than the Galaxy S7. The HTC 10 topped the performance chart in the internet-browsing test with a remarkable battery-endurance score of 790 minutes.

However, we must note that the smaller 1960mAh battery on the iPhone 7 could be the root cause of poor battery-endurance scores for Apple's flagship phone in contrast to its rivals who flaunt a bigger battery capacity on their handsets.

Given its bigger 2900mAh battery, the iPhone 7 Plus is widely-speculated to outplay all current Android flagship phones in a similar battery-life test.

Check out the complete chart (below) depicting the flagship phone with best battery-life:

iPhone 7 battery life tests
iPhone 7 scores worst battery-life performance among flagship smartphones Which?