Interruption of SpaceX live feed triggers conspiracy rumors

SpaceX. IANS

As a move to improve the internet connectivity all over the world, SpaceX led by South African billionaire Elon Musk started its Falcon 9 satellite rocket mission on Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The company, as usual was streaming it live but midway, the live feed was mysteriously cut off.

While the presenter was seen looking awkwardly unsure of what had gone wrong, he later explained that it was interrupted due to restrictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US agency for atmosphere and ocean study.

"We are ending the live coverage due to restrictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The mission is not yet over and we'll continue to update the milestones on Twitter," said the presenter.

Soon after the interruption, conspiracy theory channel Secureteam10 uploaded a video on YouTube and questioned whether SpaceX was hiding something. The video soon went viral on the internet, and within 24 hours, it has attracted more than 380,000 views.

Spectators who watched the video came up with too many speculations and theories but the overall majority view was that NOAA has nothing to do with space live feed, as it is out of the US jurisdiction.

"Sorry NOAA. As soon as you're in space, the country-borders are GONE! And so is the juristic legitimacy of any restrictions or laws. You cannot have a licensing monopoly for Space Live-video footage!! Not because I say so but because this is basic LOGIC," commented a YouTube user named KRAFTWERK2K6.

Another YouTube user named Eric Lee commented that the video was shut down because the Rothschilds and the other elite people did not want the general public to see things which are privy to them.

"People don't understand. The billionaires and the Rothschilds and Illuminati control our way of life. They are desperate to keep this control. Knowledge is exponential power. This is why we are kept in the dark. I wish people would wake up and demand our knowledge," commented Lee.

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