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K-drama fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the new shows that are to be premiered this year. To quench the thirst, SBS unveiled the cast members as well as the premiere date of its upcoming sitcom "Supernatural Family" or "Super Family" (working title).

The must-watch SBS sitcom is all set to premiere on February 6. According to the reports, the new SBS sitcom is an omnibus comedy series. The story revolves around the daily life and common people but the twist is that these common people are presented as 'supernatural'. The series depicts a different angle of the daily life in a humours way.

Korea Daily reported that the series will be presenting laughter and sympathy at the very same time. Well, this makes the fans eager for the upcoming sitcom of SBS produced by Choi Moon-suk of I Have a Lover and Something Happened in Bali.

According to Korea Daily reports, SBS revealed the new sitcom series' cast members which include Park Hyuk-kwon, Park Sun-young, Kim Ji-min, Kim Ki-ri, Park Hee-bon, and Infinite's Hoya.

In this new SBS sitcom, the story is about family as well as office life. Here, Park Hyuk-kwon plays the role of a common father who struggles hard to survive the office life which is harsh.

Reportedly, Park Sun-young and Kim Ji-min will be forming a family with Park Hyuk-kwon as the former will play the role of his wife the latter will be playing the role of their adolescent daughter.

Korea Daily reported that the comedian Kim Ki-ri, along with Hoya of K-pop boy group Infinite, and Park Hee-bon will be featured as Park Hyuk-kwon's co-worker.

Allkpop reported that SBS confirmed the new sitcom will premiere on February 6 after the variety show 'Scene Stealer' which is currently being aired comes to an end.