Indiana mom accused of feeding her autistic daughter with bleach to cure disease

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An Indianapolis mom has been accused of feeding her autistic daughter with bleach to cure the disease, said a police report. Reports said that father of the kid informed authorities that his wife has mixed drops of hydrochloric acid and water purifying solutions in her drinks.

Police officials revealed that the woman was misled by a Facebook group, and she believed that feeding her daughter with bleach will cure her condition effectively.

Upon complaint made by the kid's father, the 28-year-old lady was arrested by the police on Saturday. The child was also removed from the home with immediate effects following instruction from the authorities. Police have kept the name of the parents and kid under the wraps due to confidentiality issues. The Department of Child Services and police are investigating this case.

The potentially dangerous chemical combination of hydrochloric acid and water purifying solution is marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, and many advocates of this drink claim that it can cure several diseases like AIDS, cancer, and autism. However, FDA has banned the usage of Miracle Mineral Solution to treat autism.

Even though Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly said that there is no medication to cure autism, parents of the victims used to try various cures out of desperation, and sometimes, it may turn extreme. According to experts, this developmental disability which causes noticeable social and behavioral challenges can be controlled by taking certain medications. These medications help to manage the visible symptoms of autism including high energy level, hyperactivity, depression, and seizures.

"Taking things into their own hands is something that many parents have done out of desperation, out of hope," told Sherry Quinn, president of the Applied Behavioral Center for Autism to WTTK.

On the other hand, supporters of autism neurodiversity movement are against curing this condition. As per these people, autism is a natural human variation, and the victim's of this variation have their own identity.