Indian-origin Malaysian avoids death penalty after acquitting from drug charges


Gopu Jaya Raman, a 32-year-old Malaysian man of Indian origin escaped the death row in Singapore for possessing drugs as he was acquitted by the country's Apex Court. The judgment released yesterday stated that Gopu Jayaraman was not aware of the hidden illicit drugs in the motorcycle which he rode into Singapore.

Details of the incident

The incident associated with the case happened on March 24, 2014, when Gopu Jaya Raman entered Singapore through the Woodlands Checkpoint with three black bundles of diamorphine hidden in his motorcycle. Upon routine checkup, Police officials found the illicit substance, and Gopu Jaya Raman was soon arrested.

Upon questioning, Gopu said that he entered Singapore to visit his girlfriend and another friend to celebrate his birthday. Gopu continuously denied the ownership of diamorphine and claimed that it might have hidden in his motorcycle without his knowledge.

The alleged convict also claimed that he has stopped on his way to fill the fuel in the motorcycle, and at that time drugs were not there in his vehicle.

Later when questioned by officers of the Central Narcotics Bureau, Gopu admitted that he has carried drugs two times in the past, but on March 24, 2014, he was not aware of the illicit substances in his motorcycle.

Gopu even justified the act of transporting drugs on two past occasions stating that he was on debt during those times, and a man has compelled him to deliver drugs, and if not the man reportedly threatened Gopu's family if he did not comply with the smuggling operation.

After recording Gopu's statement, Police instructed him to contact his associates aiming to arrest them too. Unfortunately, the operation was called off as nobody turned up at the scheduled meeting. During the follow-up operation, Gopu asked one of his associates why he placed the drugs without his knowledge, and interestingly, the associate did not deny it.

While reading the judgment, the Apex Court stated that there were no material pieces of evidence to connect Gopu with the drugs he possessed, and thus he was acquitted from the case.