Indian Man Faints, Dies After Falling into Cauldron of Boiling Porridge [GRAPHIC]

A man from India's southern state of Tamil Nadu, died after he lost consciousness and fell into a pot of boiling porridge last month.

Muthukumar, was hospitalized with severe burn injuries in the incident, which took place in Madurai on Friday, July 29. He died on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

man falls into porridge
A still from the video shows Muthukumar falling into the boiling hot porridge. Twitter

Porridge Being Prepared for a Festival

The shocking incident, which was captured on CCTV camera, took place as people were making preparations for "Aadi Velli" – an an important festival celebrated across Tamil Nadu where porridge is cooked and distributed to the public in honour of Goddess Amman.

As a part of the event, porridge was being cooked in large vessels at Madurai's Pazhanganatham for Muthu Mariyammam temple devotees on Friday.

Muthukumar was Suffering from Epilepsy

In the clip of the incident, which took place in Tamil Nadu, Muthukumar, who was helping with the preparation of the porridge, can be seen walking along a row of porridge vats when he suddenly staggers backward after seemingly losing his balance.

He then attempts to use one of the cauldrons as support, only to topple backward into the scalding stew with a splash. Shocked, people nearby tried to help Muthukumar but they were unable to pull him out. Finally, they had to topple the entire vessel to rescue him.

Watch he video below: (The following clip is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised)

Muthukumar was taken to Rajaji Government hospital, where he was admitted with 65% burn injuries. He succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. The cause of the man's sudden unsteadiness is not yet known, however, his wife said he suffered from epilepsy, which may have triggered the fall.

In a similar freak accident in 2016, a Russian confectionery plant worker was killed when she fell into a giant mixer filled with molten chocolate.