IMPACTXP Spikes 600% in Two Weeks, Will it Be The First Crypto Token on SaitaMask?

As Bitcoin [BTC] celebrates its 13 years of success in the ever-expanding crypto-verse, several other altcoins have also created much hype into the world of investments. One of the newest coins in the market, IMPACTXP, has spiked 576% over the last two weeks. The token has surged 255.9% in the past 30 days of trading. IMPACTXP (ImpactX Prime) has delivered phenomenal returns to early investors in a short time, making it an attractive investment option among thousands of altcoins.

The token is also attracting investors on social media as several crypto influencers are often seen promoting the IMPACTXP token and sharing their positive analysis about the altcoin's future. According to crypto analysts, investors will have to get in early, or they will miss out on the bull run.

Stock market and Crypto analyst Del Crxpto has given a green signal to those who wish to invest in the token. He is not the only one being bullish about IMPACTXP, but crypto influencer Jake Gagain has a similar opinion about the latest altcoin. Crxpto, has given the 'buy' signal as he predicts IMPACTXP could "execute big plans" in future.

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Saitama and ImpactXP Are Going Big!

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Saitama and ImpactXP are going big. The official Twitter account of ImpactXP on New Year Eve hinted that SaitaMask is going to list the token soon. And some investors are of the opinion that ImpactXP would be among the first crypto coins to be listed after the SaitaMask launch.

Will SaitaMask list ImpactXP in the first batch of crypto coins after its launch?

"I'll keep this here as ImpactXP is one of the first tokens available on Saitamask on launch, so kinda history in the making. But let's all keep in mind the no shilling rules," a user wrote on Reddit while another said, "Saitama, Shibnobi & ImpactXP are pretty solid investments and all available first on SaitaMask." However, there's no official announcement regarding the availability of coins yet.


ImpactXP is already listed on four crypto exchanges. While the token is available for trading on the centralised exchanges HotBit, LBank,, the only decentralised exchange platform to list the token is UniSwap, while it awaits the SaitaMask listing. SaitaMask is expected to be released on January 7, 2022.

The token, which had reached an ATH of $0.000000000344 on December 30, 2021, was trading down by -1.4% at $0.000000000273 at the time of publishing.

International Business Times advises crypto investors to keep an eye on the latest trends of the cryptocurrency market and not fall for any trade rumors.

This article was first published on January 4, 2022