'I'm Not F*cking Gay': 'Straight' British Man Stabs Gay Man 12 Times After Oral Sex Encounter

The straight man and the victim engaged in oral sex after the former grabbed the latter's penis and stabbed him after he refused to reciprocate.

A British man, who identifies as straight, has been sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing a gay man 12 times after performing oral sex on him.

Stephen Taylor, 24, was convicted of stabbing the man while screaming homophobic slurs and screaming, "I'm not f*cking gay!"

Taylor Performed Oral Sex on the Victim

Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor Twitter

As reported by The Liverpool Echo, Taylor met the victim at a friend's house in June last year. He introduced himself to the victim, whose identity has not been revealed to the public, as "Tyson." The victim was told Taylor is straight and Taylor knew the victim was gay.

After Taylor left the party to go home, he reached out to the victim to inform him that he had left his phone charger at the friend's house and offered to return it. The pair then sat for another round of drinks at the victim's house.

The victim claimed that Taylor reached out and grabbed his penis.

"Bloody hell, Tyson, what are you doing?" the victim testified was his response.

"Don't you want a bit of fun?" Taylor replied.

"You're straight. I'm gay," the victim responded.

The two men laughed before Taylor again grabbed his penis and kissed the victim, who reciprocated the kiss. He testified that he allowed Taylor to perform oral sex on him before the duo went to the bedroom for sex.

Victim Refused to Reciprocate

The victim said Taylor wanted to engage in a specific type of sexual act that he was not interested in. Taylor then demanded that the victim reciprocate the oral sex but the victim denied. Taylor wanted a specific type of sex that wasn't interesting to him. He declined and the men went back to drinking before Taylor demanded the victim reciprocate the oral sex. The victim said he declined.

Taylor then grabbed a knife and started stabbing the victim in the chest, neck and face, while repeatedly screaming homophobic slurs and that he wasn't gay. "Mr. Taylor was shouting, saying 'I'm not fucking gay.' Mr. Taylor was in a rage," prosecutors said in Liverpool Crown Court. "He was calling him a 'f*cking faggot'."

The victim fled but Taylor chased him into the hallway of his building. The naked men fell down the stairs as they fought each other. Taylor managed to escape but was arrested for public indecency after police received reports of a naked man running down the street.

Responding officers described the victim as "covered in blood" from numerous stab wounds to his face, chest, and back. His foot was fractured from the fall down the stairs.

Taylor Claimed Self-Defense

Taylor claimed self-defense because the victim hit him in the head with a glass. The victim said he hit Taylor in an attempt to flee the apartment after the attack had already started.

"You were the aggressor at all times, other than when the victim was forced to hit you on the head with the glass," Judge Garrett Byrne said as he handed down the sentence. "Having seen the CCTV, it shows you are not trying to get out... it shows you detaining the victim in order to continue the attack."

Taylor claimed the motive wasn't homophobia, saying the sex was "consensual." However, Byrne said it was "at least in part motivated by some homophobia, given the remarks attributed to you by the victim, which I conclude you did in fact use."