Illinois Woman Accuses Black Man of Trespassing on Public Pier, Gets Arrested After Assaulting Him

The woman was charged with misdemeanor battery and is now facing up to a year in jail in addition to fines.

A woman in Illinois was arrested for assaulting a black cyclist in her neighborhood after wrongly accusing him of trespassing in a video that is being widely circulated on social media.

Otis Campbell shared video footage of the incident, which took place in Winnetka, on social media along with a caption stating that he was racially profiled by the woman while walking along a public pier following a long bike ride from nearby Skokie.

He said the woman became hostile towards them and told them to leave because they weren't allowed on the pier without "parking passes" before threatening to call the cops on them.

'We Pay For It'

Irene Donoshaytis
Irene Donoshaytis in a still from the video that was shared by Otis Campbell. Facebook

The clip, shows the woman, identified as Irene Donoshaytis, claiming that the pier is open only to Winnetka residents but a nearby parking attendant corrects her.

"So to get into the beach itself, to walk on the beach, you do have to have a pass," the female staffer says. "But to walk up and down this driveway and onto the pier, you don't need a pass." Donoshaytis, 65, then tries to continue, but is cut off by Campbell, who asks the attendant, "So it means it's public?"

"Yeah," the young staffer responds. "No, it's not public," Donoshaytis responds. "It's for people who live in Winnetka, and we pay for it."

"She didn't say that," Campbell points out to Donoshaytis before she asks to speak to the girl's manager.

'Maybe You Want to Kill Me?'

Otis Campbell
Otis Campbell Facebook / Otis Campbell

Campbell then starts laughing, which seems to upset Donoshaytis. "It's not so funny," she tells him, to which he responds by saying that he's "dying" of laughter.

"You crazy?" she asks Campbell. "Maybe you want to kill me?"

"Not at all, nope," Campbell responds, to which she says, "It feels like that."

"Why would I want to kill you? Is it because I'm black?," Campbells asks her.

"Yes," she confirms, before calling him an "idiot." The video ends with Donoshaytis taking a swing at Campbell. Watch the video below:

Charged with Battery

Donoshaytis was later arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery for assaulting Campbell. She was released on bond after being taken into custody at the pier. If convicted, Donoshaytis could face up to one year in jail in addition to fines. Her court appearance has been scheduled on Aug. 31 at the Skokie Court House.