Illinois Shooting: Chilling Videos Show People Screaming as Shooter Goes on Rampage at Six Flags Park in Gurnee

Three people were injured after an unidentified shooter opened fire at the crowd in Six Flags Great America, an amusement park located in Gurnee, Illinois, approximately 45 miles north of Chicago. Videos of the chaos following the shooting have surfaced on social media.

Six Flags Great American Amusement Park
Six Flags Great American Amusement Park Twitter

Shooter Fled in a Vehicle

WGNTV reported that the injured didn't suffer life-threatening injuries. In a statement issued, Six Flags spokesperson said: "Three people were injured this evening when shots were fired from a single vehicle in the parking lot. The vehicle immediately drove away. Park security personnel and officers from the on-site Gurnee Police Department Substation responded immediately. Emergency services responded, transporting two persons to the hospital for evaluation. A third person declined treatment. The park closed early with guests and team members departing under direction of the Gurnee Police Department. Law enforcement is investigating."

Speaking to the outlet, Laurie Walker, a mother who was at the park with her daughter, said that inside the park when the shooting started. Claiming that they were waiting in line for the 'Ricochet', Walker said that they saw the panicked crowd running around. The mother said that she heard someone shout, "There is an active shooter, get down, get down."

The New York Post reported that after the shooter fired the shots from a single vehicle in the parking lot just before the park's closing time at 8.00 pm, the vehicle sped away.

Videos Surface on Social Media

Soon after the shootout multiple videos showing the chaos and aftermath surfaced on social media prompting reactions from the users.

"Active shooter in Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL). My family made it out. You see stuff like this on the news and you never think it will hit close to home," tweeted a user.

"41 days ago I was in a Fourth of July parade in highland park, IL. Today i was at six flags, great america in Gurnee, IL but was lucky enough to leave before there was another shooting. I can't leave my house anymore without feeling unsafe. Change needs to happen right now," read another tweet.

"Speaking about domestic terrorists earlier, and now hearing there's an active shooter in Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL)," expressed a user.