iDevices Instinct smart light switch makes your wall talk, thanks Alexa

iDevice Instinct smart light switch

Leading home product manufacturer iDevices aims to revolutionise the way homes use their light switch, introducing an intelligent version with voice service capabilities. Apart from being a smart light switch, the iDevices Instinct is powered by Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, adding more capabilities to this little piece of technology.

With it, users can control connected products, listen to music, find a new recipe or tune in to the news. Coming with an ambient light sensor and a motion detector, the Instinct lets users automate lights and receive custom alerts.

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Chris Allen, president of iDevices, believes that the Instinct will change the way people look at the walls at home or anywhere where it can be installed.

"The iDevices Instinct is a breakthrough in the smart home industry. It represents the next evolution in our extensive line of premium connected solutions," says Allen in a statement. "The Instinct is one of many innovations to come from iDevices, forever changing the home as we know it."

This smart light switch is physically designed to look just like a conventional switch so it can blend well with the room environment, says Allen. Regardless, its voice-activated LED ring lights up to reveal its concealed intelligence, working pretty straightforward and advanced.

Not to mention, the motion sensors are engineered in a way that homeowners can somehow save up energy. Instinct's lighting functions are also manageable using the iDevices Connected app, Apple's Siri voice assistant and Google Assistant.

The iDevice Instinct smart light switch is displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company is yet to announce the availability and price of the product.

This article was first published on January 8, 2018