'I will return in good health,' says Kim Soo Hyun before leaving for military service

Kim Soo Hyun has been enlisted for military service to Gyeonggi-do Paju training center. Before leaving, he wrote a goodbye message for his fans on Instagram.

Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun (Instagram) Instagram

The "My Love From Another Star" actor Kim Soo Hyun has geared himself up to get enlisted in the military. Apparently, he has been enlisted on Monday, 23 September to the Gyeonggi-do Paju training center.

Initially, he had kept this a secret and wanted to enlist quietly as he feels that this is bound to happen and being a South Korean, it is his duty towards the nation. In South Korea, every able-bodied individual must serve in the military for at least two years.

Keyeast Co. said that Kim will attend the military camp during the day. However, there will be no event for fans as the actor does not want to fret about his military duty.

Earlier, he was declared unfit for active military duty by the Military Manpower Administration at age 20, on his initial health check-up, due to his poor heart condition. However, his health improved, making him fit enough to enter the military service.

Before his military enlistment Kim, 29, had cancelled all his promotions and spent his final days with his family. One of the representatives of Keyeast Entertainment had stated," "Kim Soo Hyun will not be attending any additional events prior to his military leave. He is said to be spending quality time with family and taking some time off to himself."

The military enlistment is a 21-month long training which will end on 22 July 2019, according to a report by The Korea Times.

Kim made his debut in MBC's "Kim Cheese Smile" in 2017 and later gained popularity through the popular TV series "My Love From Another Star" and "Moon Embracing the Sun".

Though Kim left for the enlistment silently without any speeches, he, at the same time has left a sweet message for his fans on Instagram.

He wrote, "Hello, this is Kim Soo Hyun. I wanted to briefly greet everyone before I enlist. I want to express my gratitude to those who have always supported me. I will return in good health. I hope everyone stays healthy."