'I Hate You Pigs!': California Man Shot Dead After Charging at Cops with Steel Bar [GRAPHIC]

Adam Barcenas
Stills from the bodycam footage released of the fatal shooting of Adam Barcenas. Twitter

A California man was shot and killed on Sunday after calling police officers "pigs" and charging towards them with a steel bar.

Bodycam footage allegedly shows Adam Barcenas, 60, charging toward officers in Oxnard, California with a five-foot steel bar Sunday at 6 a.m.

'I Hate You Pigs!'

Oxnard police officers were conducting a DUI investigation when Barcenas – who was not involved – confronted them.

Barcenas can be heard calling the officers "pigs" and yelling "I hate you" in the video. Officers asked Barcenas to stand down, but he advanced towards an officer who then fired four shots, causing Barcenas to collapse to the ground.

In all three clips, officers can be heard shouting: "Hey, put it down!" After the shots are fired, Schwartz speaks into his radio: "Shots fired. Officer needs help." Three of the shots struck Barcenas. Another officer fired her taser, which failed to penetrate Barcena's skin.

The following video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Officers Placed on Administrative Leave Pending Investigation

"Barcenas ignored the officers' commands and continued to advance towards the officers in an aggressive and threatening manner," the Oxnard Police Department said in a press release. Barcenas was taken to Ventura County Medical Center where he died a few hours later. No officers were injured during the confrontation.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave, per department protocol. "Whenever there is an officer-involved shooting, or the officers are otherwise involved in a fatal incident, three separate investigations are set into motion," Oxnard Police Chief Jason Benites said in a statement.

Barcenas Had a Violent Record

Adam Barcenas
Adam Barcenas Twitter

As reported by KVTA,Barcenas has had several run-ins with the law in the past.In April of 2019, Barcenas carried out separate random, violent, and unprovoked attacks on two elderly strangers in downtown Oxnard.

In the first attack, he approached a 71-year-old woman, punched her in the head, and pushed her to the ground and then kicked her several times before walking away.

A short time later, Barcenas approached an 80-year-old man who was walking with his wife in the same area and he punched the man in the face, walked away, came back, and punched the man in the face a second time.

The 71-year-old woman died eight days later but prosecutors did not file a homicide charge because they felt they could not conclusively prove that her death was tied to the beating because of significant pre-existing health conditions.

So Barcenas pleaded no contest to two counts of felony elder abuse and spent half of a six year prison sentence before being paroled last year.