Hyun Bin shares about relationship with girlfriend Kang So-ra

Hyun Bin says the new couple are exploring their relationship slowly and carefully.

Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin. instagram.com/withhyunbin

Hyun Bin has opened up on his relationship with new girlfriend Kang So-ra. The actor talked about his personal life at the press launch of his new film Cooperation at CGV Apgujeong in Gangnam-gu in Seoul on 16 December.

Hyun Bin, as reported by websites news.nate.com and Allkpop, said has to be very careful as to what he would say regarding his recent relationship with actress Kang So-ra, who is eight years his junior.

"I'm careful with my words considering various situations and because it's a personal matter. We are seeing each other with good feelings and we're also cautious because we just started," the 34-year old actor said.

The Hyde, Jekyll, Me actor also revealed that he is taking things slow with his new girlfriend, getting to know her and building a bond based on understanding and mutual desire. "We plan to get to know each other slowly and carefully," Allkpop quoted the actor as saying.

He ended his address on the issue of his relationship by asking the media and his fans to respect their newly-formed relationship and help it thrive. "Please look after us. I appreciate all the great attention," he was quoted as saying to the Press.

An earlier Allkpop article reported that Hyun Bin's agency VAST Entertainment and Kang So-ra's agency Plum Entertainment had confirmed this development by individual press statements. VAST Entertainment had stated: "Back in October, the two actors first met at a meeting regarding business with other staff. Then they remained as good sunbae-hoobaes who shared advice and concerns with each other. They are just now starting their relationship."

The statement revealed: "It's only been a few days since they started seeing each other [as a couple] so they're very cautious about the reports being released at this time. We're even more cautious as their personal matters are being revealed in the midst of a controversial time for the nation. However, please regard them warmly, and give them your support and encouragement for their future acting promotions."

Kang So-ra's Plum Entertainment also released a statement which said: "It's only been about half a month since the two started seeing each other with feelings, so we're very cautious about the reports. Please regard them with generosity."

Koreaboo had earlier quoted an acquaintance who knew the couple well. The source was quoted as saying:"I know that when Kang So-ra was in the process of switching agencies, she kept in contact with Hyun Bin's representatives. From there, they started to have positive feelings about each other. Since it's only been a short time that they've been a couple, they are being careful."

This article was first published on December 16, 2016