Husband Knocks Out Wife With a Slap After Spotting Her Sharing Meal With Two Men [VIDEO]

The man was spotted attacking the two men in the video and he can be heard saying that the woman is his wife

An angry husband was spotted storming into a restaurant and knocking down his wife with only a single blow after he found her sharing a meal with two other unknown men. The incident took place at one of the popular restaurants in the Chinese city of Baoding, located in the northern province of Hebei, as per the Sichuan-based news outlet The Cover.

The CCTV footage of the incident that took place on July 2, revealed that the man who was wearing a blue top entered the restaurant and walked past a staff member asking for two beers. He then headed towards the table where the two men and the woman can be reportedly seen sitting in the video. The man stopped in front of the woman and hit her by swinging his right fist towards her forehead. After getting the blow the woman got knocked out immediately and she fell on the sofa seat.

Husband 'Kocks Out' Wife

Man Hits out at Woman
Man Hits out at Woman YouTube Grab/News World

The man can be seen then going to the other side of the table and attacking one of the men with an empty beer bottle. He then turned to the man sitting beside the woman mentioning that she is his wife.

The man who can be seen wearing a black top in the video raised his hands and said, "I know. Please, wait, wait!", as reported by the Daily Star. The husband then attacked the man with a jar of condiments and again with a teapot while his wife remained motionless on the sofa after getting knocked out by him.

The husband can be heard saying, " This is my wife! I've been watching outside for 20 minutes! "Who are you? What is your name?". A family occupying a table nearby can be seen hastily leaving the restaurant as the fight started.

As per reports, the police were called to the scene at around 9 pm, and the officers are currently investigating the incident that caused injuries to three of the customers. No arrests had been made by the police as per the latest reports.