Humans to make first contact with aliens within 20 years, bets SETI astronomer

Seth Shostak, a SETI scientist told that humans will find extra-terrestrial intelligent life within 20 years.


Seth Shostak, a scientist at the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) confirmed that humans will encounter extra-terrestrial life form within the next 20 years. The senior astronomer made these remarks while talking to Futurism, at the World's Fair Nano in New York.

With great confidence, Shostak "bet everybody a cup of coffee that we will find intelligent life within 20 years."

Entire human community waiting for the first contact

During the talk, Shostak admitted that scientists have not found any substantial pieces of evidence when it comes to alien life. However, he added that scientists have made some significant discoveries which hints at the possibility of alien life forms in the outer space. Shostak believes that these discoveries could mean a lot in continuing the search for alien life.

"We may find microbial life - the kind you'd find in the corners of your bathtub. We may find that a lot sooner, but that remains to be seen, but it's gonna happen, I think, in your lifetime," said Shostak to Futurism, reports Daily Mail.

According to Shostak, the discovery of alien life will happen in the near future, but we should wait for long to witness the first contact, considering the immense distance signals required to travel.

Shostak explained further stating that if the aliens are 500 light years away, the signal we will be receiving now will be 500 years old, and if we send a signal back, it will take another 500 years to reach them.

The need of a vigilante first contact

Seth Shostak who has been working with SETI for nearly two decades believes that an effective action plan should be put in place before making the first contact. In November 2016, Shostak had said that the human's first contact with aliens will be just the same as Neanderthals encountering a U.S airforce fleet.

"If you pick up a signal, check it out ... tell everybody ... and don't broadcast any replies without international consultation," said Shostak to LiveScience in November 2016.

Shostak also added that the United Nations should work with experts all around the world to update the "post-detection protocol" for researchers working on alien transmissions.

A year back, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has warned humans to stop reaching out to aliens because reaching out to advanced civilizations will put humanity and earth in a risky situation.