Humans to become guinea pigs in experiments of AI robots in future: Expert

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View
A member of the media takes a photograph of a D-Wave Vesuvius processor during a tour of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, December 8, 2015. Reuters

The wild imagination of sci-fi movie makers may soon come true as an expert has warned about a possible artificial intelligence (AI) robot which may trigger humans into slavery soon. Dr Ian Pearson, a renowned futurologist said that robots powered with artificial intelligence will treat humans like guinea pigs once they grab command over this planet.

AI robot apocalypse will be so dreaded beyond our imagination

According to Ian Pearson, robots in the future will be very insensitive towards humans, and in all probabilities, they will conduct experiments on humans with newly created viruses, just like the way we did to guinea pigs.

"We'll have trained it to be like us, trained it to feel emotions like us, but it won't be like us. It will be a bit like aliens off Star Trek – smarter and more calculated in its actions. It will be insensitive to humans, viewing us as barbaric. So when it decides to carry out its own experiments, with viruses that it's created, it will treat us like guinea pigs,"Ian Pearson told the Sun.

This is not the first time that an expert in this area is criticizing the widespread impact of AI. Earlier, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has said that AI may replace humans altogether. According to Hawking, an advanced AI capable of replicating itself may be discovered in the future, and it will outperform humans in all areas of life.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX has also shared his worries about artificial intelligence. Musk has several times warned that the growing impact of artificial intelligence will pose a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.

However, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are proponents of AI, and they believe that artificial intelligence will improve systems across various fields from diagnosing diseases to maintaining the overall well-being of human beings.

Technology accelerating at a faster pace than never before

Human beings are now highly dependent on artificial intelligence, and this trend is expected to reach its peak in the coming years. A recent study report titled 'The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation' has revealed that machine learning technologies are going to transform many aspects of our world.

The report admits that most of the changes will be positive, but it warns about some serious risks which may happen if the if the technology is used for the wrong ends. "Policymakers should collaborate closely with technical researchers to investigate, prevent, and mitigate potential malicious uses of AI," suggests the report.

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