Hulk Hogan game for WWE's Super Showdown

Hulk Hogan is ready to return for WWE after undergoing surgeries, recently. He is prepping up to appear in the sports entertainment at the Super Showdown event to be held at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 27 February.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan Twitter

According to PWinsider, Hulkster will be part of the pay-per-view event in some capacity. However, in what capacity he involves himself at Super Showdown is still unknown. Hulk Hogan has been requesting Vince McMahon to book him a match for one last time and it has to be seen whether his wish will be fulfilled.

After undergoing his 10th back surgery and recovering from it, he tweeted, "They said 4 months light weight then 6 months I could train slowly again after back surgery number 10, buuuttt at 7 weeks 4days my MANIACS can see I'm on the grind with my pizump on brother! I mean PLIZEASE Wrestlemania is right around the corner Brother! HollyWoodHH4Life. [sic]" he recently tweeted.

The Hulkster's career had technically ended in TNA and he desires to end his illustrious wrestling career in WWE.

"History is very important to me. I've had a very long career, and part of my career was with a very, very small company and a very gracious lady named Dixie Carter at TNA. I actually had my last match there. That's hard for me to live with. I want my last match to be in the WWE," he is quoted as saying in an interview with a Saudi Arabia-based YouTube channel, last year.

On asking about whom do he likes to face if he gets the opportunity to wrestle one last time on WWE, Hulk Hogan took the name of The Boss. "The one I'd love to get in the ring with, if I only had one person? It would be Vince McMahon. I'm very sick of his stuff, too," he said.

Hulk Hogan had clashed with 74-year old Vince McMahon in WrestleMania 19.

The Immortal was banned in 2015 after a video of him making racist remark was leaked online following which WWE stripped him from the Hall of Fame, and reinstated after he served three-year ban from the sports entertainment.