Huawei P40 Pro could be the first smartphone to feature a graphene battery; but will it work?

Graphene batteries ensure faster charging times and longer endurance. But some say the tech is currently 'impossible'

Despite being embroiled in controversies and facing a ban in the US, Huawei continues to impress with its innovation. The Chinese tech giant has always had a knack for making some of the best smartphones and its upcoming flagship the Huawei P40 Pro is turning out to be another impressive package, bringing a lot of firsts for the smartphone industry.

Huawei has been quite a player in the best smartphone camera race and the Huawei P30 Pro was among the best camera smartphones of this year with features such as a 50X Hybrid Zoom. Its successor the Huawei P40 Pro is expected to take the camera zooming prowess a huge step forward with a 10X Optical zoom telephoto lens – the first of its kind in a smartphone camera. But it just doesn't end at the camera capabilities alone, the P40 Pro is also being speculated to be the first smartphone to feature a graphene battery.

What is graphene?

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro

For those who don't know, graphene is a revolutionary material that promises significantly faster charging times and very high battery endurance, which means you can charge your battery many times faster than conventional Lithium-ion batteries and the charge will remain for days together. Batteries made out of graphene will also take up less space in a smartphone due to the smaller physical size of the cell which means that smartphone manufacturers can make smartphones slimmer than ever before.

The information about the graphene battery in Huawei P40 Pro was revealed by Huawei France's official Twitter account some time back. But the tweet was later pulled out moments after being spotted. The tweet which in French contained the words "graphene" and "batterie" and this the speculation started emerging.

Leaker says a graphene battery is currently impossible

However, the possibility of the yet-to-be-launched Huawei smartphone sporting a graphene battery is pretty low and prominent leaker @IceUniverse, who is well known for his scoops in Samsung smartphones via his Twitter handle, has ridiculed the speculations by saying that the technology is currently "impossible."

In its tweet, Huawei France says: "Huawei will be the first company to introduce a flagship phone with a graphene battery." The tweet also carried a render of the P40 Pro with a highlighted text reading "Recharge 100% in just 45 minutes."

Many in the tech world had their concerns about the claim and doubt whether the render of the P40 Pro in the tweet may be a fan made concept image that Huawei France may have accidentally put the tweet. The fact that the regional account pulled the tweet off moments after it was posted and @IceUniverse rejecting the claim flat out does raise some concerns and a lot of red flags. So, we might as well take this information with a pinch of salt.

However, we cannot still rule out the possibility because Huawei has always been among the pioneers of technology.

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