How Vince McMahon Failing to Cash in on CM Punk-AJ Lee's Comeback-to-WWE Storyline, Announcer Reveals

CM Punk had left the WWE in 2014. Before he quit wrestling, he had plenty of issues with Vince McMahon, who had reportedly fired him on his wedding anniversary. Since then, there has been lots of bad blood between the WWE boss and the Voice of the Voiceless.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon. WWE/AJ Lee Instagram

What Punk Wants?
Over the years, the situation has slightly changed and CM Punk, who was never interested to come back to WWE, has softened his stand as he is willing to return if provided a good storyline and lots of money.

After he had joined WWE backstage two years ago, people had expected that his return was not far away. However, the show was discontinued and his comeback as been a distant dream for the fans.

Hugo Savinovich's Idea for Punk-Lee Comeback
Now, WWE Spanish ring announcer Hugo Savinovich on the latest edition of SK Wrestling's UnSKripted has opened up on a solid storyline that he had for CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee's comeback. He has claimed that the WWE has a golden chance to cash in on building a feud between Punk and McMahons.

"I've been complaining for years now that Vince is letting a good story go away with CM Punk and his wife. I mean, you can't beat that story. The bad boss firing them on their honeymoon night. I mean, there is stuff to create. A beautiful story there that was legit. You could go like a year and a half with the destruction of the McMahons by CM Punk and his wife. And I have been asked about that story, and it seems like they still want to do wedding stories, and crazy shots and burning monsters, and I don't know. I guess when you have the money and power that they have, you can afford to do things like that." Sportskeeda quotes him as saying Dr Chris Featherstone show.

Will this angle be ever materialised in WWE? Can the fans expect CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee to come back to the sports entertainment? Only time will answer.