How Proud Boys Responded to Joe Biden's 'Poor Boys' Gaffe While Twitter Mocked Far-Right Group

While several moments caught people's attention during the debate, one that stood out was Joe Biden's gaffe over the Proud Boys

It only took Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to mistakenly refer the Proud Boys as "Poor Boys" to amuse Twitter users who then launched a series of memes and jokes over the far-right, neo-fascist group. The Proud Boys, though, reacted with anger over the slip up.

On Thursday, the final presidential debate appeared to be a milder version of the first debate. While several moments caught people's attention, one that stood out was Biden's gaffe over the Proud Boys.

During the segment over racism in the U.S., President Donald Trump and Biden were asked their views on the treatment of African-Americans in the country. The segment saw Trump calling himself the "least racist" person in the room and Biden countering that claim by reminding the audience that the president directed Proud Boys to "stand by."

Second Presidential Debate

"He [Trump] banned Muslims because they are Muslims. ... He has made everything worse across the board," Biden said. "He said about the poor boys, the last time we were on stage here, he said 'I tell them to stand down and stand ready. Come on. This guy is a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn."

The Proud Boys responded to Biden on Parler app — a Twitter-like application popular among far-right groups and conspiracy theorists — by reminding the Democrat the actual name of the group.

"Did that low energy mother****** just calls us 'The Poor Boys'," the group wrote on Parler. "It's PROUD BOYS Joe. Don't act like you don't know the name, b***h."

The Proud Boys

However, Twitter users took the opportunity to mock the far-right group. Several users suggested the group should change their name to "Poor Boys," while others jeered at the expression. Trump supporters, however, did not miss the chance to attack Biden and question the Democrat's mental health. Even journalists and political observers did not shy away from commenting over Biden's slipup.

"Biden slipped up there, but f**k it, let's go with it - we'll call them the Poor Boys from now on," one Twitter user wrote.

"'The Poor Boys.' I loved that. F**k those clowns! I hope that drives 'm even more bat s**t crazy than they already are!" another user stated.

"Biden just called the Proud Boys the poor boys, lol. His dementia meds just wore off, lol," stated another Twitter user.

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