How Google+ is trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook

The Google+ team is planning to take suggestions from the native group to enhance the social network, which is lagging behind Facebook, Twitter.

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Logo G By Google via Wikimedia Commons

While Google+ might be a thing of the past for you, Google is actively trying to get more users on board. Now, in the latest development, the search giant has sought beta testers to experiment new features with a small group of people ahead of their public release.

Apart from merely checking out new features with beta testers, the Google+ team is planning to take suggestions from the native group to enhance the social network. "We're looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests," reads the announcement in an official Google+ post.

Qualities mandatory for participation

Google+ is particularly looking for three qualities that make users eligible for the beta testing programming. Firstly, the tester needs to be an "active poster" on the online platform. Secondly, there is a need to be "motivated" to learn more about Google+ and participate in product discussion. Thirdly, Google is looking for an "eagerness" to provide high-level feedback.

Being a closed beta programme, users need to fill up an application form to get the early access to new features. The form asks for language preference in addition to basic questions related to user profile details. Google could leverage language skills of beta testers to enhance multilingual capabilities of the platform.

Need for hour

Launched back in June 2011 as the most advanced social network in the bouquet of Google -- following Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut, Google+ is lagging behind successful platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It brought proprietary features such as Circles, Collections, Communities and Hangouts to take on the competition. However, Google's platforms are yet to become as successful as its search engine or products like Google Maps and YouTube.

As Forbes reported in 2015, Google+ has nearly 111 million active users. This figure is far behind the two billion user bases of Facebook and even about one-third of Twitter's 328 million monthly active users.

Therefore, developments like the beta testing programme have become vital for Google+ to sustain its presence in the Web world. The site also needs to overhaul its interface and upgrade its native features to encourage new users as well as bring back its previous occupants.