How to fix 'Ok Google' not working for Google Assistant on Pixel phones

Guide to fix 'Ok Google' not working on Google Pixel phones running Android 7.1.1 build NMF260.

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How to fix 'Ok Google' not working for Google Assistant on Pixel phones

Numerous Google Pixel users have been reporting issues with Google Assistant's 'Ok Google' feature after upgrading to Android 7.1.1 build NMF260. It is confirmed that the 'Ok Google' command no longer works when the device's screen is off, following the new Nougat update.

After further investigation, it has been ascertained that the issue is due to a limitation in Android 7.1.1 Google Assistant which recognises the 'Ok Google' command only from a trusted voice. The voice recognition feature uses a built-in voice training module within the app and hence it is imperative to re-register your voice into the trusted list, so that Ok Google feature will work as intended.

Here's how you can get the 'Ok Google' feature working again on your Google Pixel phone:

  • Launch the Google app
  • Select the Hamburger menu to reveal the options from the left side of screen.
  • Now go to Settings, select Voice and enable 'Ok Google' detection command.
  • Finally, turn on the toggle for Trusted Voice and just train the Assistant with your voice when prompted.

That's it. Your Google Pixel phone should now recognise your Ok Google command when the screen is off, without any hitch.