How to enable Siri in iOS 10 to remember where you parked your car

Here's how to let Siri remember where you parked your car earlier.

How to enable Siri to remember where you parked your car
How to enable Siri to remember where you parked your car iDownloadBlog

iOS 10 users enjoy the privilege of configuring the native Maps app to remember where they previously parked their car, using a compatible head unit. In case you don't have a handy mountable head unit for remote signal reception, you can always enable Siri to remember your car's parked location on the offline maps.

People with short-term memory loss and absent-mindedness will find this feature to be a blessing in disguise.

Here's how you can exploit Siri to remember things for you:

  • Just launch the Siri app by pressing the Home button or saying 'Hey Siri' into your iOS device's microphone.
  • Note: This feature is available only on the iPhone 6s and later models that support Hey Siri. You are out of luck if you are using an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 series.
  • Once you engage Siri, you can say the command like, "Hey Siri, remember where I parked my car," and the voice assistant will place a marker on the Maps app depicting the car's last known position in the parking lot.
Location of parked car in iOS 10 stock Maps
  • With the parking location clearly marked, just launch the stock Maps app on your iPhone and you will get step-by-step navigational assistance with directions to reach your parked car.
  • Once you have located your car, you can ask Siri to forget the last known location of your car with the command: "Hey Siri, forget where I parked my car." Siri will now erase the stored parking location of your car from its memory.
  • Siri is now ready to accept any new commands and store the parking location the next time you park your car somewhere else.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]