How Did Nenobia Washington Die? 'The Queen of Brooklyn' Jumps to Death from 6th Storey NYC Building

According o the NYPD, Washington died over the weekend in what appears to have been a fatal fall from a building in New York City.

Social media influencer and meme queen Nenobia Washington, popularly known as 'The Queen of Brooklyn' died aged 38 after reportedly falling from a building, according to an ongoing police investigation. According to the NYPD, cops found a woman, who was later identified as Washington, "unconscious and unresponsive" in front of a building on the evening of October 30.

Washington reportedly jumped to her death from the building. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police have launched an investigation and have not ruled out chances of a homicide angle.

Tragic End

Nenobia Washington
Nenobia Washington Instagram

According o the NYPD, Washington died over the weekend in what appears to have been a fatal fall from a building in New York City, TMZ reports. Officers responded to a building in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan around 7:40 pm on Saturday, NYPD spokesperson and detective Annette Shelton told People in a statement.

It is not known what exactly happened but according to reports the social media influencer died by suicide. "Upon arrival, a 38-year-old female was discovered unconscious and unresponsive in front of the location," Shelton said. "EMS responded and transported the female to St. Luke's Hospital where she was pronounced deceased."

Nenobia Washington
Nenobia Washington Instagram

Washington is reported to have jumped from six stories up, sources told TMZ. David Jackson, the father of Washington's son, Tyeleck, told the outlet that he was informed that Washington had fallen from a window, although accounts of the incident from purported eyewitnesses have been varied.

Reports that Washington was missing ahead of her death, however, are incorrect, Jackson said she was never missing.

Dupree Frederick, who claims to be Washington's cousin, mourned her death in a Facebook post. "This is A Sad Sad Day," Frederick wrote. "I can't believe I'm writing R.I.P to My fam/ Lil Cuzzin/Lil sis Zenobia R.I.P You Will be Truly missed May God bless your soul. This is f—-n me up right now."

Gone Too Soon


Washington or 'The Queen of Brooklyn', as she was famously known, shot to fame in 2015. She became an online sensation after her interview with the publication HotNewHipHop went viral. In the video interview, Washington offers her impassioned opinions and discusses her adoration for Jay-Z, Beyoncé and the music streaming service Tidal.

"Jay-Z earned all his money. Jay-Z is not Illuminati. You hating a– n—-s that's hating on Jay, If he wants to be Illuminati, let him, but Jay-Z is a real n—a," she continued before playing Jigga's 'Imaginary Players' and rapping along to the lyrics.

Fans immediately took to social media to mourn the influencer's tragic death. "RIP to the Queen of Brooklyn Zenobia I loved seeing her video all across social media she was truly a legend prayers to all her loved ones she will be truly missed," wrote rapper Misharron Jermeisha Allen.

"Our hearts are with BKTIDALWAVE and her family today. Rest In Peace to The Queen of Brooklyn," tweeted Tidal's official account.

"R.I.P to an icon, legend, the queen of Brooklyn Bktidalwave, you will be missed queen," wrote another fan.