How did Helen Rhodes Die on a Plane from Hong Kong to UK? Cardiac Arrest, Brain Hemorrrhage and Asphyxia Doing the Rounds on Social Media

In a rare and shocking incident, Helen Rhodes, a 46-year -old woman, died on a flight from Hong Kong to the UK.

Rhodes was a UK citizen and was returning to her homeland after staying in Hong Kong for 15 years. After a few hours on the flight, Helen was found unresponsive and despite the efforts made by the flight crew to resuscitate her, she couldn't be revived.

Helen was traveling with her husband Simon and two children, Nathan and Emma. It was the worst nightmare for the family to see her lying breathless in her seat but the helpless family could do nothing other than saying their final goodbye.

The flight stopped in Germany to leave Helen's body in Frankfurt while her devastated family travelled to UK without her.

Helen Rhodes with her family

Check the Cause of Helen's Death; Social Media

A lot of questions have been raised over the cause of her death. Was it a cardiac arrest or was it caused by brain hemorrrhage, or was her death caused by asphyxia? These questions have been doing the rounds on social media. A faction of the followers have even suggested something fishy in Rhodes' sudden death adding that she wouldn't have been on the flight, had there been any underlying health issues.

The news has evoked an emotional response on social media as the followers from various segments of society have expressed sympathy with Helen's family.

Rhodes was immensely popular in her friendly circle as her friend Jayne Jeje wrote in a fundraising group "Go Fund Me" that she was a very generous soul and made herself available for help all the time. The fundraiser has raised more than £13,000 which would be utilized for her last rites.

A report published by The Guardian stated that Rhodes, a midwife, also ran her own business crafting bespoke accessories and belonged to a tight-knit group, Tung Chung Mums, where more than 200 women turned to Helen for medical advice.

A Twitter user questioned about the reason behind Helen's death adding: "Helen Rhodes a midwife, tragically died suddenly in her sleep on Fri during a long flight back from Hong Kong to the UK, leaving her family traumatized. Helen's broken children sat next to their mum's breathless body until they landed 8 hours later. Cause of death remains unknown."