How to delete Netflix search history to prevent privacy concerns or eavesdropping?

Netflix. Pixabay

The website and app of media production company Netflix is one of those sites which keep a track on our search history. It knows what we have recently watched and what is under progress.

Based on our watch history, it recommends a few related movies or shows. It is cool actually, but many people don't like to be watched. There are various reasons why it is recommended to erase the view and search history. To mention a few, sometimes our Netflix account credentials might be with our mother or father and they can log in the account to watch something.

But, the problem arises when they get to see the suggestions as it may contain certain movies or shows which the elderly people may not be able to tolerate. The basic problem is that the privacy of an individual gets exploited.

There are plenty of similar situations that might later make a person feel awkward. So to avoid these kinds of situations and keep ourselves protected from third-party visitors, one needs to delete their Netflix's watch history.

The same thing is recommended in the case of Google and other sites and apps too so that our privacy does not get exploited.

These are the steps to be followed for desktop and Android users. But for iOS users, this isn't the same. If we follow the aforementioned steps, it takes us to a page which says "Please go to Netflix on the web page to manage your account".

So, the person needs to operate the same through the mobile browser and follow the earlier mentioned steps.

However, one can't delete or hide the view history from a profile created for kids, which is a plus sign for a parent. The parents can keep an eye on what your kids are watching.

Also, the history which a person deleted will take up to 24 hours to be removed completely from the devices.

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