How is coronavirus connected to the heart? New study reveals shocking details

As coronavirus also elevates the risk of developing heart diseases, medical experts are struggling hard to develop an effective treatment protocol against the virus


The coronavirus that is creating chaos in all nooks of the globe has already killed more than 95,000 people worldwide, and the number of casualties is increasing every second. Scientists have previously found that coronavirus mainly attacks the lungs and the respiratory system of the victim. But now, a new study has suggested that there is a mysterious connection between coronavirus and the heart of the affected individual.

How coronavirus affects the heart of a human body

The study has revealed that more than 1 in 5 patients have developed heart damage after they were found infected with Covid-19. Some of the patients had existing cardiac disorders, while others did not have any history of heart illness.

According to the study published in the journal JAMA Cardiology, the heart struggles to pump blood in the absence of sufficient oxygen. This can be considered the prime reason behind the trigger of cardiac conditions among coronavirus patients. In some other cases, the virus may directly invade the heart, and the body may even mobilize a storm of immune cells that attack the heart in an attempt to combat the coronavirus attack.

Several medical experts believe that hydroxychloroquine, a drug that is being widely used to treat Covid-19, is known to cause heart diseases among patients. Scientists are now trying to figure out the exact genetic or biochemical reason that makes some people more prone to cardiovascular disorders after getting infected with coronavirus.

Is coronavirus social distancing a failure?

Governments of countries affected by coronavirus have already asked their citizens to maintain social distancing of two meters to prevent community spread. However, a recent study has suggested that Covid-19 could have a farther reach than previously speculated.

According to the study, coronavirus could reach a distance of up to eight meters while coughing and sneezing, and researchers urged authorities to adopt strict measures to stop the killing spree of the pandemic.

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