How can humans survive asteroid impacts and nuclear explosions? Expert reveals

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Several space experts believe that the earth will face an inevitable asteroid hit in the future and it will trigger devastation on a global scale. If a giant space body hits earth, it will send clouds of debris and sulfur into earth's atmosphere, thus blocking the sun's rays from reaching the earth's surface. In the wake of these incidents, photosynthesis will halt and there will be no plant growth, which will destabilize the entire food cycle on the planet.

Bryan Walsh, a top science journalist and TIME editor, believes that mushrooms will be the key to survival for humans post asteroid impact. Walsh made these remarks on his new book 'End Times' that examines how apocalyptic events like asteroid hits, nuclear explosions and volcanic eruptions will threaten the existence of humans.

As per Walsh, humans will be compelled to embrace sunlight free agriculture, cultivation of mushrooms, consumption of rats and insects to survive during catastrophic events.

It should be noted that Walsh got the idea of mushroom cultivation from an author named David Denkenberger who wrote the post-apocalyptic book 'Feeding Everyone No Matter What'.

"Maybe when humans go extinct, the world will be ruled by fungi again. Why don't we just eat mushrooms and not go extinct?" Denkenberger told Walsh, Business Insider reported.

Even though mushrooms will not be adequate enough to feed a large number of people, Denkenberger believes that it will be sufficient to ensure the survival of a small post-disaster population. As the growth of mushrooms does not demand photosynthesis, Denkenberger claims that this is the best option to survive, apart from eating dead tree leaves.

As per Walsh, dead trees will feed creatures like rats and it will help humans to survive by hunting for rat meat. Insects can be considered another food option during the post-apocalyptic period.

A few days ago, space expert Lembit Öpik who is the chairman of Parliament for the space-based micronation of Asgardia had revealed that humans will not survive if a giant doomsday asteroid hits earth. As per Öpik, only cockroaches, deep-sea creatures and certain other living organisms that feed on dead meat will survive the deep space impact.

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